Flying Finn Academy COACHING


  • Intensive course or comprehensive coaching for the driver and the co-driver to improve their skills on snow and gravel
  • The successful coaching system of Flying Finn Academy
  • Professional coaches of the Flying Finn Academy

Training on gravel /snow

  • Proper Finnish rally roads
  • Possibility for participate to the Flying Finn Academy training camp and compare the performance to the fastest young talents of Finland
  • Gravel training camp can be organized all around the world with co-operation of the local ASN

Physical fitness testing and development for the rally and racing driver

  • 3 days module for entry-level testing
  • Setting the goals and the schedule
  • Training program and monitoring through a training diary
  • Monitoring the progress through re-testing
  • Possibility for the fitness training camps

Holistic coaching

  • 1 to 4 years plan for the future
  • Detailed plans for the every year
  • Detailed plans for the every area of the sport
  • Tough but realistic goals for each year
  • Reaching the goals is the key to move on to the next level of the plan

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